Use oven mitts when touching dry ice. Do NOT use bare hands. Place the dry ice in a well-ventilated area (e.g. kitchen sink) away from kids and pets at room temperature to discard.

We know it may be difficult for you to resist the urge to dive into that delicious cake, however, we have tested the defrost process hundreds of times so you really need to give it the proper time to defrost by following the serving instructions. We promise that it’s worth the wait!

To thaw the cake, place the wrapped cake in the refrigerator overnight (You can remove from the box keeping the plastic wrap and liner on the cake). Then, 4 hour prior to serving, unwrap the cake and place at room temperature for at least 4 hours. If your celebration is days or weeks away, no problem. Just put the cake wrapped in the freezer until the night before your celebration and follow the above instructions. Our cakes keep up to 30 days in the freezer! These serving instructions will also be included with the cake. It's critical to follow these instructions to ensure the you'll enjoy the premium quality of SusieCakes.

Once it's defrosted it's best enjoyed when you store the leftover cake at room temperature for up to 2 days. You can store in the cake box, Tupperware or a cake dome.

We do not recommend that you refreeze the cake.


We are currently shipping three of our best selling cakes; the Vanilla Celebration Cake, the Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake and our Southern Red Velvet Cake.

The Vanilla Celebration Cake is Susie's signature cake and our #1 seller! 6-layers of vanilla cake baked with colorful sugar confetti, filled & frosted with our signature retro-blue buttercream vanilla frosting.

The Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake is “Just like you remember!” Towering high, moist chocolate cake filled and covered in rich, dark chocolate buttercream frosting.

The Southern Red Velvet is a deep red, moist cake lightly favored with cocoa, filled and topped with traditional cream cheese frosting!

Our Vanilla Celebration Cake is filled and frosted with signature retro SusieBlue vanilla buttercream

The Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake is filled and covered in rich, dark chocolate buttercream frosting.

The Southern Red Velvet is filled and topped with traditional cream cheese frosting.

Your cake was made to order and then promptly frozen to lock in freshness. The cake will ship frozen next day air with dry ice. You may have noticed that the dry ice partially thawed or thawed during shipment. Upon receipt please refrigerate if you are planning to consume within the next 24 hours, or freeze if you'll be saving the cake for a later day. Detailed storage and serving instructions were also included with the cake.

While this cake is nut-free, it was produced in a facility with nuts. This cake is not dairy-free, egg-free, or sugar-free.

Our 6” cake serves about 6-12 guests. Keep in mind the Vanilla Celebration and Old-Fashioned Chocolaye cakes are 6 layers so it tends to serve on the higher side of this estimate, but this will all depend on how you slice it!

Our packaging is 100% recyclable. Insulation boxes can be placed in recycle bin.

They are hand made and shipped from one of our bakeries in Texas.


We are planning to launch shipping as an option to our Guests in just a few weeks so please stay tuned!

Yes, we plan to add more products in the future. Call us perfectionists but we like to test, test and test again before releasing new products for shipping because our goal is that the product quality matches the product quality of our bakeries!