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Now Shipping Our TWO Best-Selling Cakes

  • Celebration Cake

    Celebration Cake

    Susie's signature cake and our #1 seller! 6-layers of vanilla cake baked with colorful sugar confetti, filled & frosted with our signature retro-blue buttercream vanilla frosting.

  • Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

    Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake

    “Just like you remember!” Towering high, moist chocolate cake filled and covered in rich, dark chocolate buttercream frosting.


A note from susie

Shipping a cake requires a lot of attention to detail to ensure it arrives fresh and looks great! That’s why we have spent the past few years perfecting the shipping process. With over 25 bakeries throughout California and Texas, the #1 question I receive is: "When will you start to ship your products?" We are now thrilled to share that day has come! Please read below for a detailed overview of the process and to answer any questions you may have!

Step 1

First, your cake is made to order and then promptly frozen to lock in freshness. We then use our custom designed food safe wrap liner to protect the cake followed by shrink wrapping the cake to keep it super fresh.
Step 2

Step 2:

Next, we pack it with a custom designed inner cake box surrounded by decorative crinkle paper and we wrap the box in twine so the presentation of the gift looks amazing, including a hand written card.
Step 3

Step 3

We then place the cake box into a custom fitted (and insulated!) branded shipping box and dry ice is added to keep the cake cool. Storage/serving instructions are also added to the box. UPS then picks up the box to get it to you the next day!
Step 4

Step 4

Your box will arrive on your doorstep. Handle the dry ice with care (using something such as oven mitts), place the wrapped cake in the refrigerator and follow the storage/serving instructions. Enjoy!

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If you live near a SusieCakes we invite you to stop in to your local bakery where you’ll find a larger selection of products and a warm welcome from our Guest Service’s team.