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Old-Fashioned Chocolate

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“Just like you remember!” 4-layers of moist chocolate cake filled and covered in rich, dark chocolate buttercream frosting. This cake is a 6-inch cake. 

Each cake is shipped with a complimentary candle and matchbox.  

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Each Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake is made to order.

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We ship Monday- Thursday. Shipping prices are included in the price of the cake.

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Susie's Guarantee

At SusieCakes®, we create more meaningful connections by elevating milestones and turning everyday occasions into unforgettable memories; and we do this by baking the best-tasting timeless versions of your most loved desserts.

We know how important those moments are and we feel privileged to be a part of these special times, which is why we guarantee the quality of our desserts upon delivery. This guarantee ensures the dessert should look beautiful (no smashed cakes on Susie’s watch!) and taste amazing (delicious and moist), as long as the serving directions are followed.

Classic Ingredients

We bake using simple, back to basics ingredients, just like you would find in an old-fashioned pantry.

Creamy Butter

Creamy Butter

Whole Milk

Whole Milk

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs

All Purpose Flour

ALl Purpose Flour

Chocolate Buttercream

Chocolate Buttercream

Granulated Sugar

Granulated Sugar

We absolutley enjoyed our cake! I had never had a cake shipped to me and I worried about a frozen cake thawing and being dry. Boy was I wrong! It tasted fresh and creamy! The moisture held perfectly and it was delicious! Highly recommend and let the shipping worries go! She's got a system down!

Heidi L.